What is Ergonomics?

"In this era of diminishing differentiation, ergonomics can separate a truly effective product from its useful rivals. Marketing statements supported by ergonomic analysis provides truth-in advertising security and convincing motivation in the purchasing decision. Quantitative interpretation of any product's performance defines not only perception, but reality as well. And reality sells."

Robert O. Andres, Ph.D., CPE President and Founder Ergonomic Engineering, Inc.

"For more than five years our relationship with Ergonomic Engineering has been instrumental in helping NordicTrack understand and successfully market important physiological and biomechanical aspects of our fitness equipment. Dr. Andres and his staff have provided essential services that allowed us to bridge the gap between scientific or medical considerations and the practical, applied concerns important to our marketers and our clientele. In this capacity, he has produced scientific reports on new products, and simultaneously provided marketing summaries that clearly state the potential users and suggest limitations of these products. We have found this partnership to be an important component to our business success."

Jeff Zwiefel, M.A. Director New Product Development NordicTrack

Ergonomic Marketing Strategies

What is Ergonomic Marketing?

Working with your marketing department, EEI ergonomists help derive feature and benefit statements for your product and document the competitive advantages of your product over its closest rivals. Test results obtained in EEI's fully equipped biomechanical laboratory provide the scientific foundation to support aggressive advertising campaigns. Sales efforts backed by this level of research have been effective for a variety of companies including:


Health claims made on NordicTrack equipment have been documented in EEI's laboratory since 1991, helping to make NordicTrack the largest fitness specialty/retail chain in the U.S.

Hamilton Industries

EEI not only evaluated and confirmed performance advantages over competitive products for this pipette manufacturer, but several design modifications recommended by EEI were eventually adopted by Hamilton, further differentiating their products in the marketplace. Hamilton is a world leader in precision fluid measurement devices.


The greatest improvement to the car phone, in terms of both reduced ergonomic stresses and overall safety, has been the addition of voice activated dialing. But despite obvious benefits to the consumer, sales lagged projections on car phone models with enhanced voice activated dialing. EEI provided detailed usability testing and suggestions for streamlining menu navigation and call flow structure. Recommendations made by EEI were adopted by Motorola and incorporated into their product design.


EEI can assist in the development of a strategic marketing campaign for your products by providing you comprehensive consultative review including:

Advanced Ergonomic Product Design

Independent Analysis of Product Performance (supported by EEI's fully equipped biomechanics laboratory)

Features and Benefits Development and Research Support

Ergonomic Manufacturing Intervention (equipment evaluation, productivity improvement and process redesign).

Truth-in-Advertising Endorsement


EEI has partnered with a variety of companies since 1989, mutually investing in the development, ergonomic improvement and sale of products from exercise equipment, machine tools, and measurement devices, to patient handling systems, medical devices, and consumer goods. Our reputation is dependent on our client's success and their customers' satisfaction.

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