What is Ergonomics?

"Ergonomics, in its simplest context, is the study of work. The objectives of ergonomic intervention are to prevent injuries due to overexertion and cumulative trauma, to increase profitability through productivity gains and reduced compensation costs, and to improve workplace quality of life."

Robert O. Andres, Ph.D., CPE President and Founder Ergonomic Engineering, Inc.

The Ergonomic Program Review

Who Needs EEI's Ergonomic Program Review?

The fact is, ergonomic programs can go stale. Like all safety issues, ergonomics is on-going effort which requires continued commitment and regular review.

When do you know it's time to review your ergonomic program? Here's a guide:

If it's been more than two years since you've reviewed current policies and procedures

If your injury rates and compensation costs are starting to creep back up

If you are unable to document effectiveness of current ergonomic practices

If you would like to expand, upgrade or modernize your program

If you do not have an ergonomics program currently in place!

If any of the above statements apply to your business, then it's time for a fresh perspective-- it's time for an EEI Ergonomic Program Review.

A Fresh Perspective

EEI certified Ergonomists can review your current ergonomic program, evaluate employee adherence to policy and recommend the necessary changes to minimize your risk of workplace injury and improve productivity. Upon your request, EEI will customize a new or redesign your existing ergonomics program specific to your company's needs and update it to reflect the latest in ergonomic interventions. Choose the amount of assistance you require from EEI:

Option I


EEI will spend a day at your facility, performing initial job analyses, reviewing OSHA 200 logs and matching current ergonomic practices to recommended interventions. A detailed report including criteria to measure future program effectiveness is included.

Option II


EEI engineers will conduct a mock OSHA inspection and generate an ergonomic program review report, also identifying General Duty Clause violations observed and recommending OSHA satisfying abatement strategies.

Option III


Pricing starts at $1200

For companies ready to initiate advanced ergonomic programs. A step up from reducing the risk of workplace injury to eliminating it!

Additional services are available and are priced on a flat fee or hourly basis. Simply pick up the phone and call us at

1-800-375-ERGO or e-mail us at eei@ergo.engin.com.

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